Cat's Typesetting


“Cat’s Typesetting has been creating and updating our menus for several years. In February we decided to try full color menus using Cat’s new printer and the results were wonderful! We saved over 50% on printing costs and it only took one week for them to be printed, laminated and ready to use! She also helped us design a coupon for an in-house promotion and had it ready within a day from final approval. We appreciate her unique ideas, suggestions and especially the fast turnaround!”

— Marion Rockford, owner
The Alamo Restaurant

“Cathy and I have been working together on printing projects for over 15 years. During that time she has provided me and my customers with professional typesetting at reasonable prices. I strongly encourage my customers if they haven't created their project yet to let Cathy do it for them!”

— Leon Lambeth, owner
G & L Printing